(Chalazion, stye, skin tags)

Cysts, skin tags, bumps, chalazions (styes) and other benign lesions of the eyelids are very common. Cysts and skin tags can be removed or drained in the office under local anesthesia. There is usually no downtime after these procedures.

Lesions that involve the eyelashes or eyelid margin, may require a slightly more extensive procedure called a wedge resection, in which a small section of the eyelid surrounding the lesion is removed, and the edges of the defect are sutured together. This procedure is usually performed in the operating room under sedation. 

Chalazions, also known as styes, are bumps that develop at the eyelid margins. They are caused by a blockage in the meibomian glands, specialized glands in the eyelids that produce oils that are an important component of tears. They often resolve spontaneously in 1-2 weeks. Warm compresses and eyelid scrubs may help. If they do not resolve after about 2 weeks, a simple in-office drainage may be performed with local anesthesia. 

Larger lesions may require a more complex reconstruction. Our doctors will discuss their assessment with you and go over your personal plan and what to expect after surgery during your preoperative visit.